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I now possess strength, endurance, increased balance & mobility.  Mentally & physically I am motivated, encouraged & challenged. Lauren is very aware of my capabilities & yet her knowledge of the workings of the human body is evident in all, she says & does. 

Lauren can guide you with her expertise, combined with her dedication & genuine passion for YOUR well being, thereby achieving ultimate success in whatever direction YOU desire. 

You have helped me attain goals, I never realized I had & you have helped me move toward becoming the “BEST” version of myself!!

Linda Anunziato

"Lauren has been a light through this darkness. She's given me a reason to start my day. Lauren has taught me to believe that I can be fit and healthy. She has helped me achieve goals that I did not think were attainable. Lauren cares about the "whole" person... mind, body, and attitude".

Pattie Saunders

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