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Your WHY: The Driving Force of Your Actions.

Despite popular belief, personal trainers are not born with an endless amount of energy. Considering the amount of energy they give to others during each session, you'd think so. But like you, I need a little extra push from time to time. What drives me daily is my WHY, but sometimes a little coffee or pre-workout in my cup helps too.

Do you know what drives you? Finding your WHY, your life purpose, is important. The reason you show up for yourself every day determines your willingness for change and determination to succeed. It is what drives your actions, creates your ambition and dedication. Is your WHY strong enough to make a change in your daily habits in order to achieve goals?

My WHY is simple. The answer is YOU. I show up and do my best every day, so I have more to give to others and enough at the end of the day for myself.

I push harder during my workouts because I remember how hard I push my clients during their sessions. If I want the best for others, why wouldn't I want the best for myself?

I choose a healthy lifestyle because I want to live a life without limitations. Health is freedom. I choose my strength; my mental and physical ability over inactivity. I understand the importance of exercise, and I know that I can give back to others through teaching, encouraging, and leading by example.

I challenge myself to become a better listener and communicator to have more meaningful relationships—Building and maintaining relationships with those who support and inspire me to do more and be more. I hope that I can be the same for others, be the inspiration to become their full potential.

What is your WHY?

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